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Volunteers Needed for Executive Board, Chair and Committee Positions!
We still have quite a few openings on the board that we need to fill. If interested in any of the following, please use the "Contact Us" Button above to send us an e-mail!

Workroom Wednesdays
The teachers LOVE (and need) this program.  Be part of the Workroom Wednesday team!  Volunteer on Wednesdays for about 1 1/2 hours and make copies, staple, cut and laminate.  This is the PTA's version of a quilting bee.  It's lots of fun!

Executive Board (elected/appointed positions)
  • Corresponding Secretary: This person sends notices of meetings to executive board members and/or association members and writes/sends letters on behalf of the president, as directed.

Committee Chairs
  • Workroom Wednesday Coordinator:  This person organizes the participants in Workroom Wednesdays to set up a schedule.

  • Canned Food Drive Program Organizer: 
    This person organizes and over-sees the Canned Food Drive in November.

  • Author Visit: This chair works with the front office to help bring a local author to talk with the children at the school.

Fundraising Chairs

  • Restaurant FUNdraiser: This chairperson will choose, coordinate and promote one-time fundraisers with local restaurants, food trucks and/or frozen treat shops several times during the school year.

  • Silent Auction Coordinator (2 Chairs): These chairs work with the Silent Auction committee to solicit donations from local businesses. He/she also oversees the Auction on the night of Art in the Valley.

  • Original Works Coordinator (1 Chair Open out of 2):  Works with the teachers and the Original Works company to collect the childrens' artwork to be made into custom products.

  • Food Fundraiser Chair: This person would coordinate with food fundraising vendors (Popcornopolis, San Diego Pretzel Company, coffee, etc) to pick out 1-2 fundraisers to be held during the year.  This chair would distribute flyers/catalogs to the classrooms, collect orders and distribute the food products back to the classroom when they are delivered to the school.

Students have a higher rate of success at school when their parents volunteer!
Volunteer Opportunities
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Valley Elementary Educational Foundation
Bring Your Smile to Valley!
Please consider making a commitment of a few hours of your time during the next school year to volunteer to help with a Valley Elementary PTA program or fundraising event.

Volunteers make a difference!  Volunteering is an excellent way to learn more about your child’s school and become better acquainted with staff, students and other parents.  Valley Elementary PTA has a wide range of volunteer opportunities for parents and the community.  For the sake of your children, Valley PTA would like you to challenge you to commit to 3 hours of your time to volunteer this school year.

Volunteer Checklist
(Please return these forms to the front office.)
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