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This page was last updated: 6/7/2017
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  • Wednesdays: College Pride Day – Wear College Shirts
  • Wednesdays:  Workroom support (volunteers come help copy and cut!)
  • Fridays: Valley Pride Day – Wear Valley Spirit Shirts
  • Fridays: Tiger Trackers

(Our School Code is 6039)
Your Valley PTA welcomes you to the 2016-17 school year! At Valley, we are blessed with amazing teachers, staff and parents. Who is the Valley PTA? It’s you…it’s me…it’s all of us working together. The Valley PTA grows and strengthens our Valley community in so many ways. As a PTA, we work collaboratively to support the school through many events and volunteer opportunities. Together we can ensure that every child succeeds. It doesn’t matter if you are a working parent or have time to volunteer during the day. We have ways you can get involved, give back to Valley, and form friendships to last a lifetime.

How can you get involved and show your support?

First, join us by becoming a member of the PTA. A strong PTA membership is a sign of a committed and engaged community.
Second, volunteer to serve on an event committee, be a room parent, or participate in Workroom Wednesdays. You can easily sign up using the PTA Event sign-up sheets in your child’s classroom. You can also indicate your interests by filling out the “Bring what you love to Valley” form and finding something that excites you. Ask your child what he or she loves and let that help you decide how you would like to contribute.
Third, you can support the PTA by participating in our fundraising efforts throughout the year (Charleston Wraps, Friends of Valley, Book Fairs, and the Jog-A-Thon). The Valley PTA uses these much needed funds to run our many fun events, to donate money to Valley for supplies, field trips, and teacher training, and to build memories of elementary school that your child will take with them.

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming. The PTA provides resources for you to stay connected such as Paw Prints weekly updates, Tiger Talk monthly electronic newsletters, and the Valley PTA website and calendar. Please return to our website early and often to stay informed or contact us at valleypta@yahoo.com with questions.

We have a strong and caring community here at Valley Elementary. Please join us in cherishing and nurturing this community by joining the PTA and getting involved in your child’s school today. I look forward to meeting and working together this year so we can accomplish great things for our children!

Happy Summer Break!

See you July 31st
for the Classroom Posting Fair
in the school parking lot

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